Alle audio demo’s werden gecomponeerd in – en/of bewerkt – in Cubase en/of Dorico, gebruik makend van Virtuele instrumenten. Geen live instrumenten, alleen door de computer uitgevoerde muziek! 

All audio demos were composed in  – and / or edited – in Cubase and/or Dorico, using Virtual instruments. No live performance was recorded, by computer performed music only! 

Remembrance’ is a track written for all beloved ones we may have lost, either a long time ago, or maybe just recently. Written with them in mind, so we will never forget them.

This epic track is very suitable as an intro / main theme for an epic game for example. The track starts with soundscapes, builds up to a huge eruption, after which the music starts. First intimately in a violin solo, then the orchestra takes over majestically and builds up to an epic ending.

‘Reverie’ is a duet in French Romantic style for Violin and Piano, written as a composition exercise. The piece consists mainly of a long melody, first played by solo piano and the 2nd time with the melody in the violin, accompanied by piano.

This hardrock song starts heavy and threatening with a Bass and Guitar intro, followed by the lead melody in the organ part; this melody is used throughout the whole piece, but in different ways. Then comes a double time (part B) after which I’m going back to the lead melody (A), concluded with a drumsolo. Now a transition into the 2nd movement follows (which is basically a long guitar ballad), with an epic ending. Immediately moving on to movement 3, which is based on the same melody as part 1, but now in shuffle feel and in a lot faster in tempo. From the synth solo, I’ve created a nice build towards the end.

Written in Cubase using the Vienna Symphonic Library SE Orchestral sample pack, combined with the Vir2 Elite Percussion library. The title – and the names for each part – speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Written for Percussion octet, using both tuned and untuned percussion in a more classical way.
It’s a piece in three movements (Rhythmical – Slow – Fast) based on the three different modes you get when using the Octatonic Scale(s).
Written in Finale, then created in Cubase, using a wide variaty of Libraries and sampled instruments.